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Targets Causing the Collision

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I have a particular program with many (~50) Collision Detection near misses that I would like to identify. Since many of the positions are in between targets on a MoveC, I only see the near miss during a simulation. I set the Collision Detection settings to stop at a near miss, but I can't figure out how to restart and continue where I was in the program. Currently, it gets to the first near miss of many, stops, I take note of the line in the program, press start from RS>Simulation and it starts over from the beginning OR press start from the virtual pendent and it continues to run, but does not stop at the next near miss.

Am I missing something, or does the current "stop simulation at collision" not mean what I want it to mean --- diStop the robot at a collision?


  • Hi,

    A limitation in RobotStudio 5.15 caused the robot to complete its current motion before stopping when the option "Stop at collision" was used.

    Soon, we are releasing Robotstudio 5.60 that has been improved to stop directly at the point of collision. The way it works is that the simulation is in fact paused, and you can go into the RAPID Editor and check which instruction the program pointer is at. You can resume the simulation, which will make the robot stop at the next collision, if any. One pre-requisite for this behavior is that you use the TimeSlice virtual time mode (and not FreeRun). In the latter case, you will get the same behavior as in 5.15.

    RobotStudio 5.60 will be publically available in the beginning of December.

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    Henrik Berlin
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