3D Vision


I am looking to integrate a 3D vision recognition (Image processing) into an ABB robot palletizing application. The system needs to be able to recognize boxes, measure there height, width, length, position and output it to the robot controller. I am looking into anything from pc software based solutions to completely developed systems. Is there anything within ABB that I could use? Or perhaps some outside companies that worked with something similar? I would like to get more information or contacts within this field.

Hope some one can help me. 


  • Anders

    Check out our new option Integrated Vision, its not 3d but...

    The purpose of ABB’s Integrated Vision system is to provide a robust and easy-to-use vision system for general purpose Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) applications.

    The system includes a complete software and hardware solution that is fully integrated with the IRC5 robot controller and the RobotStudio programming

    environment. The vision capability is based on the Cognex In-Sight® smart camera family, with embedded image processing and an Ethernet communication interface.

    RobotStudio is equipped with a vision programming environment that exposes the full palette of Cognex EasyBuilder® functionality with robust tools for part location,

    part inspection and identification. The RAPID programming language is extended with dedicated instructions and error tracing for camera operation and vision guidance.


    The camera system is based on the Cognex In-Sight® 7000 series, but any Cognex In-Sight® camera can be used. The camera is supplied with 24 VDC and Ethernet from the controller. Up to three cameras can be connected to the supplied Ethernet switch.RobotStudio presents vision and robot configuration parameters side by side, providing a convenient VGR programming environment. The IRC5 controller enables easy creation of RAPID programs that make maximum use of the camera system’s capability. Among other features, the controller has a RAPID interface with a pre-established camera communication interface and vision target queue handling.
    The FlexPendant is equipped with an operator interface to allow supervision of the system when deployed in production.
    Contact local AB Robotics for more details