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Grouping Paths

soup ✭✭✭
Similar to the Component Group in the Modeling tab, is there a way to group paths on the Station side?

1: Creating a large program broken into 10 paths – create the ten paths, create a blank container path, drag and drop the ten paths into the container path and they are all contained under the container path but can be expanded by clicking on the arrow of the container path and then the arrow next to each sub path. I know something similar can be done with Action Instructions, but the paths appear both under the container and in the main list and creating an Action Instruction is not as intuitive as drag and drop.

2: Creating paths to just offer a quick way of selecting certain targets but no intention of sending that path to the controller. This is helpful when certain targets need to be oriented and normaled in an order that’s different from the actual robot path. I don’t want to delete these paths in case I need to quickly grab these targets in the future, but I’d like to throw them into a folder so I don’t have to keep looking at them.

Thoughts, tips, or tricks?