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Devicenet speed problem on S4

Hi everybody. 

I have a big problem with ABB S4 robot. There are 3 phonenix devicenet and 1 beckoff module on devicenet line. I can connect all But My problem is speed is too low. For exaple when I force a input signal on phonenix module I see that on flexpendant after 2 seconds. On hardware there 2 devicenet channel (Can1 and Can2) This is too old system and they used just channel 2. If I use channel1 too that can fix problem? And How Can I use channel2?  You can see E/I.sys below. Please help me How can I add channel . Thanks for all


      -Name "SIM" -Driver "/sim1:"

      -Name "SW" -Driver "/sw1:"

      -Name "BASE" -Driver "/BASE1:"

      -Name "CAN2" -Driver "/BASE2:" -RecoveryTime 50

      -Name "FRN_BCHF" -VendorId 108 -VendorName "BECKHOFF" -DeviceType 12\
      -DeviceDriver "DNGeneric" -ProductId 5250 -ProductName "BECKHOFF"\
      -MaxDigin 96 -MaxDigout 96 -MaxAnin 0 -MaxAnout 0

      -Name "PC100" -VendorId 562 -VendorName "Phoenix Contact" -ProductId 8163\
      -ProductName "IL DN BK DI8 DO4" -MajorRev 1 -MinorRev 1 -MaxDigin 48\
      -MaxDigout 48 -MaxAnin 0 -MaxAnout 0

      -Name "PC200" -VendorId 562 -VendorName "Phoenix Contact" -ProductId 288\
      -ProductName "ILB DN 24 DI16 DO16" -MajorRev 3 -MinorRev 20 -MaxDigin 16\
      -MaxDigout 16 -MaxAnin 0 -MaxAnout 0

      -Name "Fronius" -Type "FRN_BCHF" -Bus "CAN2" -Address "20" -Digin 96\
      -Digout 96 -PollRate 10

      -Name "B_AW_PROC" -Type "eipaw" -Bus "SW" -Digin 32 -Digout 32

      -Name "B_PROC_30" -Type "pib" -Bus "SIM" -Address "30" -Digin 16\
      -Digout 16 -Anin 3 -Anout 3 -Param "pibBoard_VAL"

      -Name "UB1" -Type "PC100" -Bus "CAN2" -Address "32" -Digin 128 -Digout 128

      -Name "UB2" -Type "DNET_SLAVE" -Bus "SIM" -Digin 128 -Digout 128\
      -Param "UB2_VAL"

      -Name "UB3" -Type "PC200" -Bus "CAN2" -Address "35" -Digin 16 -Digout 16

      -Name "UB4" -Type "PC200" -Bus "CAN2" -Address "40" -Digin 16 -Digout 16


  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    Do you notice any improvement if you change Unit Type > Connection 1 Type to Change-Of-State instead of Polled?
  • Hey Soup;

    You mean I will use another devicnet connection port?


    -Name "UB1" -Type "PC100" -Bus "CAN2" -Address "32" -Digin 128 -Digout 128 I will change -Bus "BASE" ?

    And I will change connection type to Change of State right?

  • Hi Ercan

    The standard poll rate is 1000 ms if you don't define a PollRate. You should also define for the other EIO_UNITs:  -PollRate 10. Then you have a maximum time of 0.01 seconds until the signal changes to the correct value.

    best regards


  • Thanks Marcel

    I will try that
  • soup
    soup ✭✭✭
    Not using a different port, changing the IO settings from polled to COS. Not sure what the EIO file code would be, I'd change it in RobotStudio > Configuration > I/O > Unit Type > Connection 1 Type to Change-Of-State.
  • Thanks I will try soon. Then write here 
  • Hello Soup

    I coundt find how can I use your solve on S4? Do you have any idea for that?
  • Hey Marcel

    I tryed your solve but didnt work still I have speed problem.