Painting PowerPac

Hi, i have problem with conveyor with PPP.
I created the station with paint system. And i activated Painting PowerPaimagec. Then i set up the paint parameters on the Paintting Ribbon. Now i modeling conveyor. And i want add librares CNV(conveyor tracking) to me system.  See this picture. How can i add librares ???  


  • Sudarshan


    It looks like your system does not  have the conv tracking option enabled. Try the following

    1. Save the conveyor library on the computer

    2. Shut down controller and modify systm to include conv tracking option

    3. Resart controller - locate the conv. library at the prompt

    4. Create a suitable WObj (associated with mechanism)

    5. Activate PPP & create path with this Wobj

    6. Insert support instructions

    Refer to RS manual for conv. tracking setup