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Where the difference between RobotStudio V5.x and RobotStudio V4.x?





  • Henrik Berlin
    Henrik Berlin Sweden ✭✭✭

    Hi Tayssir,

    There are several differences. 

    * The most important one is that RobotStudio 4.x only supports S4 robots whereas RobotStudio 5.x supports IRC5 robots.

    * Another difference is that RS 4.0 is a pure offline tool, whereas RS 5.x is both and offline and and online tool, ie. you can connect to real controllers on the shop floor.

    * The third difference is the business model. RS 4.0 is based on perpetual licenses, where RS 5.x uses an annual subscription model, where you pay a few each year to renew your license.

    * RS 4.0 is not being developed or maintained anymore but sold 'as is'. RS 5.x is constantly being developed with quality enhancements and new features released continuously.

    Those are the obvious ones.



    Henrik Berlin
  • Thanks so much Henrik :)