PLZ where the difference between FlexPendant and TeachPendant??





  • MrWoo44MrWoo44 Mexico
    As I understand it, "Teach Pendant" is a generic term for a handheld robot control, and "FlexPendant" is the term used by ABB to refer to their TeachPendant (I haven´t seen the term "FlexPendant" being used for other than ABB robots).
  • Hi,

    when i read the datasheet of S4 and IRC5 controllers, i unterstand that the Teach Pendant is for S4/S4C/S4C+ Controllers and the FlexPendant is for IRC5 controller, so i don't khnow what i unterstood is true or false?!

    Thks for your helps

  • MickyMicky Germany ✭✭✭


    yes, your are right, the teach pendant is for the S4 generation and the FlexPendant is for the IRC 5 generation.

    The name "FlexPendant" is used from ABB to differ between a teach pendant with and without a colored touch screen.





  • Thank you Micky :)
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