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Unknown error opening RAPID programs

Hi everyone,

I've been using this software for a long, but it's the first time I get this error trying to open the RAPID program and I have no idea where the problem is.
I can manage I/O's and parameters but I get this error when opening a RAPID program, 

Can anyone help me with that , I've tried with 5.15.01 version and got the same error?

Thanks in advance.



  • Sorry, I think it is not possible to see the error on the last snapshot.

    the error description is :

    RAPID: C0040FFE : Unknown error (0xC0040FFE)

    Could it be maybe because the RAPID programs are in the HOME folder, not inside TASK folders?

  • I think I've found the problem. The robot has Robotware v5.04, and I think it's not compatible with Robotstudio Online 5.15 version or above.

    Does anyone knows wich Robotstudio Online version is compatible and where can I find it to download?