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Please i need  "RAPID" 's abbreviation.




  • John Wiberg
    John Wiberg Sweden admin

    I think that RAPID is a name and not an abbreviation. You will not find such an abbreviation spelled out in any of the manuals.


    Over the years I have seen a couple of different reverse engineering attempts at an abbreviation.

    "Robot APplication Interactive Dialogue" is the most common one, it has been used by some of those that developed the language as well so that lends some credibility to it.

    But some others from the same team use "Robot Application Programming Interface Dialog" but that might be a case of cross pollination and I think it is too neat considering  the language before on the ABB S2-S3 systems was ARLA which was only loosely based on an abbreviation - Asea Programming Robot LAnguage, so you can see that the name is more important than the abbreviation.

  • John Wiberg
    John Wiberg Sweden admin
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