setting up a multirobot station on an IRC5 controller

troels Denmark
Hi i am fairly new to robotstudio, and i was wondering if it is possible to transfer the entire station from the virtual environment
to the IRC5 controller, so that the simulation and the behaviour in the real world is similar.

In my system i have 3 robots doing a synchronized linear motion.

It's fairly easy to transfer the path information, either by simply copying it unto the controller, use the download function in the system builder or use the transfer function.
But neither of these methods seem to transfer the positions of the robots in my simulation.
And when i monitor the positions of the robots on the real controller, it is obvious that they all have their origin in 0,0,0.

The solution i currently use is to offset all the robot-targets of the three paths, using the PDispSet on the rapid code handed to the controller.
This is a reasonable solution while testing and it works perfectly. But since the goal is that the files has to be auto-generated, and switched about once a day
in a production line, it would be nice if the same file could be used for simulation and actual execution of the robots.

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  • troels
    troels Denmark
    Thanks this is a much better solution
  • SergioTAlmeida
    SergioTAlmeida Melbourne AU
    Hello All. Just one quick comment that makes me suffer till find the error. When usually Robot Studio displays values in mm (millimetres) the inputs above for the base frame are in meters !!! Took me a lot of time to realize that. I hope you don't waste so much time as I did. Cheers.