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iRobotMaciRobotMac Klepp Stasjon

My huge challenge is to take a RobotStudio station (geometry) and make a 2D layout from it. Now we draw it in SolidWorks 3D and THEN try it out in RobotStudio and then back to Solidworks for 2D layout. My deepest wish is to take the geometry in RS and open it in SolidWorks or AutoCad and then print out the 2D drawings.

I have tried COLLADA but some issues there. Are there any other plug-in that are usefull to convert to STEP,DWG or what not?

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  • There is the Export Geometries Addin on RobotApps. It can export a station to ACIS (.sat). 
  • iRobotMaciRobotMac Klepp Stasjon
    Thanks, but it didnt work. I only get error meesage when trying to open it in SolidWorks :/
  • By default the addin exports to a relatively recent version of ACIS. You may need to choose an earlier version when exporting(in the save dialog).

    I would think that you can find the supported versions in the SolidWorks manual.

  • iRobotMaciRobotMac Klepp Stasjon
    Thanks Jonathan, but still it dosent get the hole geometry. It is missing the fence and the robot itself :/

    I will try and work around it, thanks alot for your respond ;)
  • Peeters_RCPeeters_RC Dongen


    I want to use the AddIn for exporting robotstudio files to SAT, I get the following error after following the manual (Pdf)?

  • iRobotMaciRobotMac Klepp Stasjon
    Hi Peeters,

    I think you need to run the addin as "adminstrator". Try that and come back to me :)
  • Anders SAnders S Sweden mod
    The reason that the fence and the robot are missing in the exported sat-file, is that there are no geometries in these parts, only graphics. 
    That's why there is the option to "Add dummies for non geometry objects".

    Peeters_RC problem depends on that the dll-file is blocked by Windows. This happens when the dll-file is in a zip-file downloaded from Internet, and then unpacked with Windows standard tool ( with 7-zip for example this problem will not occur).  
    To solve the problem, do like this:
    Place the dll-file on the Desktop (to get full write access to the dll-file) 
    Right click on the file and select properties in the context menu.
    Click on Unblock, then put the file back to the Addins folder.


    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • RobotnisseRobotnisse Sweden
    wont work even with the dummy box checked, robot and rail is missing everything else is there
  • RobotnisseRobotnisse Sweden
    found a way! export the whole station to .wrml then open in a program that can handle it and export to .step (warning, big file size) went from 80mb to 900mb, so pretty heavy for some programs to import. 

    Then if your program have some sort of cleanup mesh thing you can do that and export it another time to get the size down. With this method the poly count is lowered and the scaling can differs some. but still if you already know the size of the station you can scale it manualy afterwards and it would work perfectly for layout missions :)

    programs used: rs 2019, sw 2019 and cad exchange oline
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