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What Is RoboCave?

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RoboCave, founded in 2012, is an online store for robotics, electrical and mechanical engineers and enthusiasts. It’s surely your best spot to discover, design and purchase Robotic Technology all over Pakistan. RoboCave is committed to bringing his customers great values in electronic components ranging from a simple chip to a complex circuitry.

RoboCave buying expertise allows even the smallest company or individual technology hobbyist to enjoy the same competitive pricing edge like the highest volume buyers.  Once you have your desired robotics components with you, RoboCave will stick around to give you technical assistance 24/7. You can also trust us to design, model and fabricate your complete Robot for you! Apart from our wide range of robotic products, RoboCave team also has enriched expertise that you would need for CAD Modeling and PCB Designing for your Robotic Masterpiece.

The Big Idea

With ever growing technology and advancement in Robotics around the globe, the Big Idea is to provide a mean to every techie in Pakistan to have first-hand availability of components and services so they can design and build their own high-end Robots! The idea is implemented with a successful bang and we are still committed to go beyond excellence.

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