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Bug in SmartComponent PoseMover ?

apox ✭✭
edited April 2014 in Developer Tools

when using PoseMover SC, I get errors when compiling the SC using LibraryCompiler. The following (simplified) use case demonstrates the steps:
  1. Create a simple mechanism (Device) and add some predefined poses
  2. Create empty SC, add (Drag) the mechanism into the SC
  3. Add PoseMover SC to SC and set properties: select mechanism and one of defined poses
  4. Export SC as RSXML
  5. Use LibraryCompiler to compile the exported RS
  6. Result:


The predefined poses are fine in XML but it seems that it is not possible to restore them.
I attached the exported SC (RSXML) which i am trying to recompile.

Any help would be appreciated,