How to set the Max Distance of conveyor?

Hello, every one

i've built a conveyor in my station, but i can't set the Max Distance of it, for the option is unabled.

what can i do to solve it?image



  • edwinderry
    edwinderry United Kingdom ✭✭

    Hi Sun,

    The parameters for Max Distance & Min Distance are read from the Virtual Controller, in the same way as the MechUnit Name, IO, and WorkObject.

    When you set up the conveyor the VC must be running & in Auto, so that the required parameters can be read.

    If you need to change the values for Min Distance & Max Distance, you do it on the TP like this:-

    System Parameters, Process, CNV1 > Change the values then restart the VC.

    Or, you can edit the PROC.cfg file offline and then load the new parameters.

    Now when you run the conveyor set up, you will see the values you have set in the system parameters...

    I hope this helps.


  • Hi Ed,

    It works.

    Thank you.image