PC SDK 5.61.01 Release

Niklas Skoglund
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Release Notes


What's New?

Read and write RAPID data larger than 1024 bytes

Earlier versions of PC SDK imposed a limitation on the size of a RAPID data that could be transferred between a PC SDK application and the controller. Trying to read or write a RAPID data with a size exceeding 1024 bytes threw a buffer overflow exception. This limitation has been resolved in PC SDK 5.61.01 by sequentially transferring smaller chunks of data, if the data size exceeds 1024 byte.

The following methods and properties have been improved:

• RapidData.ReadItem()
• RapidData.WriteItem()
• RapidData.Value{get, set}
• RapidData.Value.ToString()
• RapidData.StringValue{get, set}
• ArrayData.Item
• ArrayData.GetEnumerator()

Set program pointer

It is now possible to set the program pointer position using using the Task class.

• void SetProgramPointer(string module,string routine)
• void SetProgramPointer(string module, int row)
• void SetProgramPointer(ProgramPosition pos)

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