SocketPeek not available on IRC5 [MOVED]

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first of all I wish the robotics team a nice summer!

Second, I wonder why the SocketPeek instruction is not available on the teachpendent. I'm able to simulate a robot in robotstudio using SocketPeek, but when I upload the program to IRC5 it is no longer available. All the other socket instructions are available, like SocketCreate and SocketReceive and they work correctly. Could it be some older robotware version I have on IRC5?

Best regards
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  • Thanks for the replay!
    Does this mean that socketpeek was removed somewhere after 5.15.03 and later reintroduced? 
    In that case, do you know the reason for the removal, bugs?

    Furthermore, is it possible to find a link to download 5.15.03? I would really like to try socketpeek, if it was functional. I cant find it at the download page.

    Best regards
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