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RobotStudio 5.61 and RobotWare 5.15

Jetman ✭✭
Hi guys :)

We have robots with DSQC 623 and 639 main computers.

Knowing that RobotWare 5.61 only works for DSQC1000 main computers, I thought I could download RobotStudio 5.61, install only Robotstudio, not the included RobotWare 5.61 and then, install robotware 5.15 from a separate download.

But it doesn't work. Seems that RobotStudio 5.61 needs Robotware 5.61 when you try to create a station with an ABB system in it. It can't find the 5.61 mediapool since it's not installed and if you manually point it to the 5.15 media pool it doesn't work.

So as a work around you can build a system and select RW5.15 and then you can create a station with an existing robot (your 5.15).

It's not a big problem, but I'm thinking with the amount of NOT DSQC1000 main computers out there, the download page should provide a little more explanation. We are told we should go to RS5,61 but need RW5.15 because of our robots so why install RW5.61 right?

Also, software wise, is it something that can be fixed? I mean should it be possible to run RS5.61 with RW5.15 only? I have no clue, just asking :)

I know I will never need RW5.61 with my robots, do I absoluetly need it to run RS and create virtual robots?


Jet :)

Janin Delorme, Ing. (P.Eng)


  • Hi Jetman,

    It is no problem to use RS 5.61 with RW 5.15 (or older), but the "From Template" systems requires RW 5.61. 
    If you open an empty station, import the robot model you should use from the ABB Library, and then use "From Layout" to create the system you can select between all your installed RW.

    Or you can also create your system from "System Builder".

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics