WWServer Client - No access to plant brw [WebWare Server]


benteler use WW3.0 SP2. With the latest MS IE 6.0 SP1 and the MyDoom fix the access is working to the Server but he could not use the Plant browser to select a robot. On the server and a n toher PC without the latest versions and IE fixes it works fine. I checked the IE settings but all is OK. I attached the picture of the client window.



  • Hello Kevin,

    What operating system is this affected client using?

    Could you please send me a copy of the Installation History for Winfdows Update for the affected machine? This can be found from the Windows Update main page under

    Other Options>View Installation History. Please copy the text that is shown or save the page and send it to me.


    Russell Drown
  • image

    Hello Russ,

    the customer uses Windows 2000 SP 4. Attached the windows update file:


  • I have tried installing all of the most recent Critical Updates shown in the screenshot that you sent, but have not reproduced the connection problem.

    Could you ask the customer to uninstall (if possible) the recent updates to see if the the device tree connection is restored? Please verify that the browser security setting have not been changed to prevent the download and execution of ActiveX controls. I would recommend comparing the security settings to those of a browser that is able to conect the tree properly.


    Russell Drown
  • If I`m installing the latest client 3.2 it works with Webware 3.0.

    How could this be?image




  • I would have to guess that there was something wrong with the previous WebWare Client installation, and that installing a newer version simply repaired the previous version.

    You might try to uninstall the newer WWClient and then reinstall the 3.0 SP2 client and see if that restores operation

    Russell Drown
  • Hello Kevin,

    I think this issue is addressed in this post:


    Russell Drown