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Problem with running the simulation


I encountered a few times this problem in my RS 5.61.01 (with AWPP). When I want to simulate the procedure the following error is shown "10068: Start Program" saying that there is a problem with loading the code to simulate. That's why I checked the simulation setup and the procedures were really missing. So I added them (I have three tasks and only one had the proper function loaded), each time clicking apply after making the change, but the error was still there, disabling me from simulating anything. So again I went to simulation setup and saw that the procedures are missing again, indicating that no change was actually saved. It is really frustrating , because even restarting the program doesn't help. Just sometimes it suddenly starts to work, which makes me really confused.


  • Problem solved for now, because I found that in each task there was generated a new module Module1 with repetitive procedure: 

    PROC PpTempSim()

    After I deleted the module, everything started to work properly. 
  • Can you please give us more detailed info how did you delete that and where?