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Connecting to IRC5 Cabinet Issues.


I'm currently using RobotStudio on site, configuring EPS settings.
However, I'm having endless problems connecting to the robot, sometimes I can click add controller, and it works first time without any problems. Others, I have to reconfigure my ipv4 settings to either a preset I.P address for example,, and sometimes I can have my settings as obtain I.P automatically. 

There seems to be no common fault and I am at my wits end as to how to guarantee myself a connection, eventually I can connect to the robot through persistance, but it's really holding me up in my work.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Thanks, Tom.


  • DavidLanham
    Make sure that you are doing the connection through the service port and not the network port.  I had problems just like you are describing not connecting through the service port.  The other thing I ran into
    was my Antivirus/Firewall program (Norton's) was blocking me from making the connection.  I had to go in and configure it to trust RobotStudio.