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Robot not using programmed configurations, I have confJ and confL before the program

I am using RS 5.6 with an older S4C controller. I am only trying to get the robot to move from home position to the outer edge of the positioner then move in a straight line across the face of the positioner. It moves to the edge just fine, but when I try to move from the edge to the center with a MoveL I get [error 50080 Position not compatible-The desired position cannot be reached with the given robot configuration.] 

The program confirms reachability, I can clearly see that the robot should be able to reach the target. But, even after trying the 2 configurations available to me it still hangs on that point. I thought it was because I was using a tool that was not exactly matched to the real world tool. I spent awhile making a new one that perfectly matches the real tool (welding torch) but still have the same problem. I tried adding ConfL\On and ConfJ\On to the beginning of the program, still nothing. 

It seems like the robot is still trying to make its own decisions about the configuration. If I step the robot backward it does not use the configuration that was programmed. 

More info, using 2400L/type A on a track (track movement works)  I am including a pack and go and the rapid module I am uploading to the real controller.

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  • Just a little more info, for the edge of the positioner my config is (1, -1, -2, 0) for the center my config is (0, 0, 1, 0) for a simple short MoveL instruction that seems like a very large difference, but that is my only option(besides the arm being upside down) for configuration.
  • It works when I turn off configuration. I was under the impression that this was a bad idea. But if it works, it works!