RobotStudio event

wrong rotation of mechanism


I have made my own r-manipulator as a mechanism, it's basically a like a normal one, with a few changes. I have some issues with using my mechanisme in RS:

1. first of all RS wants a cfg file when I try to use the create system from layout. Is there a guide to make this file?

2. external axis wizard wont accept my mechanism due to it having 2 flange. Is there a workaround?

3. as a last resort, I created a systems with a normal R-manipulator, tried to edit the system and change the manipulator model to my own. RS accepts my manipulator, but the mechanism is rotated 90 degree around y and z. can anybody explain why this happens? And how to fix it? I am quite certain that I have rotated the frame of the manipulator in the same way as a normal R-manipulator.

Hope someone can give me some answers especially on the last part.