AutoPath needs improvement [WI14484]

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I am working on a deburring application and having to select 290 edges for 1 feature is very cumbersome.

There needs to be a way to select a starting edge and then an ending edge and the software finds the shortest path along the edges.  I don't intend to say that my 290 edges could be selected in one go but on a high detail part with lots of curves, i should be able to do it easily within 1/10 of what it took me.  That would be a huge time saver.
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    For edges that represent a closed curve, (like a hole), you can hold the SHIFT button to let AutoPath select all your edges in one go.

    I will discuss with our RnD team if we can make any improvements here.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    If needed, i can provide a pack-n-go of the solution i am working on so you can recreate the exact paths i have in there already.  Please let me know where i can send it.