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How to use RAPID symbols.


I have created a txt file on the flex pendant that has pos (position ) information as a CSV file. 

I use that file as a buffer for uploading new pos information that rapid then reads and moves the robot. 

However I know the correct way to do it is using RapidSymbols on the PCSDK. 

Right now my latency is about 37ms - 400ms which is really high, would using rapid symbols reduce the latency ? 

Also I am trying to obtain the elog from the controller but I failed miserably, does anyone know how to get elogs ? 

I tried e.Message 

but that gives me "None" rather than program started or program ended :(

This is video showing my current state. I am using the "None" string as a signal to resent rapid commands but I would really like it be 

"Program stopped"

Please help !