Memory capacity for file storing in controller


Does anyone know what is the memory capacity for robot's controller? The Robot I have is IRB 6640. What I'm trying to do here is that I create some sort of routine execution stack, and this records get stored in the HOME directory. However, since it's recording execution of each routine, this file can grow big. Memory then has become a concern. However I don't know how much memory I can use or the controller has. 

Thank you.

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  • sedahal1
    sedahal1 Västerås, Sweden

    You can use the FlexPendant to view your controller mass storage info (see attached screen dump).

    System Info -> Hardware devices -> Controller -> Computer System -> Mass storage

  • Hi sedahal1,

    Thank you for your response. But is "Hardware devices" node only available on the real controller? Because mine only has 2 nodes: "Controller properties" and "System properties". (see attached)

    ps: how come that your pendant's screen layout looks completely different from mine? Cheers
  • sedahal1
    sedahal1 Västerås, Sweden

    Yes, "Hardware devices" is only available on a real controller.
    A Virtual Controller's available memory is equal to your PC's available memory.

    My screen dump is from a Robot Ware 6.xx system, where the layout is different from 5.xx.