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Hey, I'm doing an university project where we will control the robot in "real time" through the use of sensors of head motion. My problem is that I can't find a way to continously give the robot controller new coordinates. From what I've gathered is that the standard way of interacting with the robot is to upload the code to the robot controller through the flexpendant or RobotStudio and then it will run autonomously and no longer take input from the computer/flexpendant. However, we want to continue to feed it new coordinates. Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks for any help at the matter.

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  • PerSvensson
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    You can have a background program that recives positions using socket messages(ethernet communication) which is feed from an external computer, the main program then fetch the positions from the background program. Another way is to use PC SDK which is basically the same but probably easier.<div>There is a lot to write on this subject but at least you have a starting point for future investigation.  </div>
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  • graafderk
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    In RobotWare 6.0, the option Externally Guided Motion (EGM) is introduced, with which you (apparently) can by-pass the path planner. I have not used this option myself, but it could be useful to your application (assuming you have a controller capable of running 6.0 and the EGM option installed).


  • larstoc
    Thank you for your help! This should prove helpful as a starting point.