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Using a variable weave width during welding

Hello all, <br><br>I have a flange to pipe weld gap that varies sinusiodally, ie. i has minimums at 0 and 180 and maximums at 90 and 270. Is there a way to continuously vary the weave width from 2-5mm as my tcp traverses the programmed circle?<br>


  • D_toto13
    Assuming you defined your circle by using 4 points you can't change the width within the same weld.
    You might go around though by changing your 1 weld into 3 - change the circle into 3 separate arc welds and then you can modify each one individually (so you can cover smaller areas at once).

    Another way to look at it is to check your seam data and try adjusting the speed of your wire, amperage and so on ...until hopefully you'll get the results that you're looking for.

    If you're using FRONIUS they do have some options for the seam data where you can change the way of welding (STEP 2 if i recall correctly - used mostly on flat welds) which allows you to have enough width to hopefully compensate for your sinusoidal variation.
    Feel free to give it a try, see if it works. ;)