Devicenet Config and EDS Files

I have an IRC5 controller with the DeviceNet option, and am trying to configure it to scan data published by a DeviceNet Slave device.  The documentation regarding Devicenet is rather sparse and I can't find anything about EDS files other than one reference in the DeviceNet Guide for IRC5 that you should get the latest EDS file for each device and to consult the Robot Studio Online Guide for more information.  The Robot Studio Online guide is absolutely not helpful at all in regard to DeviceNet topics and doesn't even mention EDS. 


I configured a Unit for the slave device using the unit type DN_Generic and the IRC5 controller DeviceNet card seems to see the slave device (Both LED's on that channel are now solid green) but the Signal I defined for a published data point never seems to update the value and I can't really see anything that defines the number of Input and Output bytes the slave device is configured for.  Also the slave device has a blinking green network light indicating that the device isn't connected.  I know speed and node address are fine from testing invalid settings and observing indicators that mean they are detected as invalid.

I am quite familiar with DeviceNet as implemented by Allen Bradley and am wondering if there is a software program like RSNetworks for DeviceNet that I should be using to configure the Scanner in the IRC5 or is it all done through the Unit Type and Unit definition plus Signal Definition?





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