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Problem about conveyor


When i simulate conveyor, the following error happened:

The WObj is not connected to the conveyor CNV1. Robot TCP cannot be coordinated to work object. Object can be dropped because of time synchronization fault on conveyor node.

What can i do to solve it?


  • I met this problem too

    How can I make the conveyor run?

    I can simulate the conveyor by Simulation->Play in RobotStudio.

    But when I use a path and add some action instructions such as ActUnit CNV1,it doesn't work.

    How can I make the conveyor run?


    seekhust2006-9-12 9:15:4
  • Do you have a "WaitWObj" instruction in your routine to connect the conveyor workobject before you execute any move instructions?


  • Your routine should follow this basic structure:-

    WaitWObj wobjCnv;

    MoveL pStart,v100,z50,tGunWobj:=wobjCnv;

    MoveJ pHomePos,v1000,fine,tGunWObj:=wobj0;

    DropWObj wobjCnv;

    You only use ActUnit and DeactUnit if the conveyor is not activated at start-up. If you want the conveyor activated at start-up, use:-

    System Parameters


    Mechanical Unit

    CNV1 -> Activate at start up

    You can also make sure the conveyor cannot be deactivated by setting the paramater Do not allow deact.


  • edwinderry,Thanks.

    There is something wrong

    1.My routine is that:

        ActUnit CNV1;
        WaitWObj WObjCnv1;
        MoveJ Target1,v1000,fine,ttcp1WObj:=WObjCnv1;
        MoveJ Target2,v1000,fine,ttcp1WObj:=WObjCnv1;
        MoveJ Target3,v1000,fine,ttcp1WObj:=WObjCnv1;
        MoveJ Target4,v1000,fine,ttcp1WObj:=WObjCnv1;
        DeactUnit CNV1;
        DropWObj WObjCnv1;

    But When executed to "WaitWObj WObjCnv1",It paused.


    2.When I simulate it and click play, the work object on the conveyor moved,but "The object passed the start window without connecting" occured in the CNV1 log window

    3.I try to change the parameter by:

    System Parameters->


    Mechanical Unit->

    CNV1 ->

    but It have only one parameter-> name of the CNV1

    It didn't have the parameter->Activate at start up


    seekhust2006-9-13 4:38:23
  • What version Virtual Controller are you using & which Robot model?
  • Virtual Controller is V40

    Robot is IRB6600-280-175


    Thanks you!

  • In my experience v4.0 controller should work OK with conveyor tracking. I have had problems with v3.2 before.

    I have found making a reliable station with conveyor tracking can sometimes be difficult, and I have had to re-build the whole station to get it to work properly.

    If you want me to look at your station to try & help, you can send it to me. The best option to send it is use the 'Save with Controller & Program' feature on 'John's Toolbar'. If you don't have John's Toolbar you can get it from the Forum.


  • Hi,edwinderry

    This is the station file save by the John's toolbar.



  • Hi,

    I checked your station - some problems.....

    • The zero of the conveyor workobject is a long way from the robot. This is the point at which your object connects so the robot cannot reach the targets.
    • The conveyor starts at zero (parameter in setup "object start position") so the object passes the start before the robot gets to the waitwobj instruction.
    • It is best that your Home position is a MoveAbsJ instruction.

    What speed does your conveyor run?

    What is the postition of the part on the conveyor when it should be picked up by the robot?


  • Attached is the station after I made a few changes so that the simulation runs without errors. It probably does not do exactly what you need, but should give you a 'template' for what will work.


    I hope this will help you!


  • ED,Thank you so much.

    Your station works very well.

    I can simulate it by click the play on the toolbar.

    But when I ran the program ,It also paused in the  "WaitWObj" instruction.

    What's the difference between simulation and program execution?

  • There should be no difference between Simulation & Program Execution. Can you explain what you mean?

    Do you mean the execution on the real system?


  • ED,Thanks

    Not in real system.

    Both in RobotStudio.

    Simulation: Simulation(Menu)->Play

    Program:Teach pendant->start program

    I can simulate it but when I ran the program ,It also paused in the  "WaitWObj" instruction.

    What's the difference between simulation and program execution?


  • Ok. I understand your question now.

    This is the difference:-

    • When you run a simulation from RobotStudio, the conveyor moves and the program in the Virtual Controller runs.
    • When you START on the Teach Pendant, only the program in the VC runs. The conveyor does not move in RS. The program will wait at WaitWobj forever with the conveyor not moving.


  • Ed,

    Your answer is vey helpful. Thank you!

    Now i have another question:

    When i start simulation, the conveyor starts immediately. If i wanna start the conveyor at anytime during the simulation, how can i do this?


  • The standard behaviour of RS with a conveyor is as you stated...

    I think the only way to start/stop the conveyor independant of the simulation would be with VB.

    I have never tried to do this so I do not have a 'stock' answer for you - sorry.

    If I get time I will look into it.


  • Sun,

    The conveyor can be controlled with VB.


    The file "cnvtrk_code.000" is a text file containing the VB code required. Copy & paste it into the VB Editor. You will need to change the IO names "doStartCnv" "doStopCnv" and "doResetCnv" or have the same outputs in your controller. You will also need to change the Controller name "R5" to the name of your controller, and the Conveyor name "Conveyor" to the name of your conveyor.

    You can start & stop the conveyor as follows:-

    • Set the output "doStartCnv" in your robot program when you want the conveyor to start. Set the output "doStopCnv" to stop the conveyor, stop the simulation & reset the conveyor.

    It's a very basic function & needs to be refined to make it more user friendly & reliable, but I hope it will help you as a starting point for now.


    edwinderry2006-10-9 23:16:53
  • Ed,

    Your answer and example is very helpful.

    Thank you!