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"class not registered" exception

I am trying to run the network scanning application sample.
On the line "scanner = New NetworkScanner" I get an exception "class not registered"
I then tried to run the CapiDevTest that was in the Controller API folder and it gave the same error on the line "NetworkScanner scanner = new NetworkScanner();"
What can I do to fix this problem? Is something not installed correctly?  I used the internet method to install the license and the Software Product Administrator verifies the license as OK.
I am using Visual Studio 2005 Pro with .Net Framework 2.0 and PC SDK 5.07.01 on windows xp sp2.
Thank you


  • Hi you need to add a license file to your application.
    Just add a text file and name it Licenses.licx then paste the following into the file
    ABB.Robotics.Controllers.Licenses.PCSdk, ABB.Robotics.Controllers

    This is described in the user manual under Developing applicationIntroductionLicensing the application

    Per Svensson
    Company Specialist
    ABB Automation Technology Products
  • Sorry, forgot to mention.  I already have the Licenses.licx in my project as well.  I tried adding the space after the "," in the file as you show it, but still no luck.

  • This seems like an installation problem. Try reinstalling the PC SDK.

    Magnus Larsson
    ABB Robotics development engineer
  • Reinstalling does not fix the problem either.
  • To get some fault isolation, could you check if RobotStudio-Online works OK on your computer, especially if you get the list of controllers in the AddController dialog?

    RSO and RAB use the same underlying component, a Windows service named "ABB Industrial Robot Discovery Server" hosted in process "RobNetScanHost".

    Magnus Larsson
    ABB Robotics development engineer
  • Unfortunately I do not have RSO.  The network scanner code is basically the first thing that happings in the app.  I ran it again to look for the RobNetScanHost and it never shows up in my process list in task manager.  I have never used this software before.  Is there anything else I need to setup/install besides RAB?
  • As it turns out, you are right. For some reason, that is not entirely clear to me, you need to install something more to get RAB working.

    You need to get hold of the RobotWare CD, and install RS-O on your computer. Just installing the "Robot Communication Runtime" from the CD would also be enough.

    Magnus Larsson
    ABB Robotics development engineer
  • Is that a CD that comes with the Controller?  Our Robots have not come in yet?
  • Yes, the RobotWare CD ships with the controller.

    To develop and test a RAB application offline, i.e., without an actual real controller, you need a virtual controller. I am not sure exactly how that is part of the current product offer, though. You probably have to purchase RobotStudio in some form to get access to a virtual controller.

    Magnus Larsson
    ABB Robotics development engineer
  • Installing the RobotWare Online fixed the problem. (now that our controller is in)