BullsEye problem

hello everyone;

I have a problem about BullsEye. After complete BEToolSetup ı try to work BEToolCheck But I take a error message. Its write "Bullseye cound not find information about request tool....."
I made correctly BEToolSetup. Anyone can help me? 

Thanks A lot


  • graafderkgraafderk Harderwijk, Netherlands
    Assuming you mean 'BESetupToolJ' and 'BECheckTCP', have you checked that you use the same tool in both calls?
    Example from ABB documentation:

    Tool setup:
    BESetupToolJ jtApprPoint, jtStartPos,15,tdMigDefault, scanBullsMig, devYokeUp,v200,fine,tTestTemp;

    Tool check:
    BECheckTcp tTestTemp;
  • DeniskaDeniska Canada
    Do you have another idea? I have a problem like this and I already checked my tool is well written.
    Thank you
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