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Determining Write Access

Is there a way that we can tell if someone has write access through the system IO?  We are controlling the robot using the system IO and I always forget to release write access.  It would be nice to know that someone has it.


  • larstoc
    By looking at the documentation it doesn't seem to be any way of releasing write access through IO in auto mode. If you are in Manual mode then you must revoke the access before running the program. It is usually good practice to try new changes in manual mode first as to avoid unwanted behaviour to have much of an impact. But in regards to your question I can't think of a way to do it through code.
  • NES
    Is there any way to display that someone has write access? Since through system IO system output only displays if system write access is reserved from system input. But how to display if someone has reserved write access from robotstudio for example?