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I've been doing a research on Socket Messaging issues of RAPID programing. To be more specific, I would like to use the robot to connect to a PC and other hardware(s). I've done test, based on the basic example codes frome the RAPID mannual, using Robot Studio either on robot being a sever or robot being a client. And the result is satifying, each method works well and  send\receive message correctly.

Now, here comes a few questions to disscuss:

(Sorry that I'm totally a newbie to RAPID and Robot Studio, the questions might make no sense and even have mistakes.)

1. Would it be possible for a robot to be sever and client simultaneously, in other words, to communicate with PC and other hareware(s)?

2. Assuming 1. to be possible, is it neccesary to create each component a socket respectively, for example: "socketdev pcsocket; socketdev utilsocket; "

3. If this is not the best solution, whether using a PC to be the server that controls both robot and other hardware(s) would be better or not?

4. Does anyone have any similar experience on such project, what would you do to make it.

Thank you very much for your time,

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