DropWObj before time

Bahadir Boge
Bahadir Boge Aksaray/TURKEY
I have followed the conveyor tracking tutorial and later setup a station with an IRB5400. Below you can find my path

MODULE Module1
    CONST robtarget Target_10:=[[-0.0031509,-408.212057437,1891.611066019],[0.488612588,-0.511133808,0.511133714,0.488612623],[0,-2,1,0],[9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,0]];
    CONST robtarget Target_20:=[[-933.561708337,-408.212509903,1891.611721475],[0.488612571,-0.511133148,0.511133704,0.488613342],[0,-2,0,0],[9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,0]];
    CONST robtarget Target_30:=[[-0.003087165,-519.824663011,1891.610671637],[0.489760153,-0.510034307,0.5100343,0.489760156],[0,-2,1,0],[9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,9E9,0]];

    PROC Path_10()
        MoveL Target_30,v1000,z100,Reiter_Gun_150\WObj:=wobj0;
        ActUnit CNV1;
        WaitWObj wobjCNV1;
        MoveL Target_10,v1000,z100,Reiter_Gun_150\WObj:=wobjCNV1;
        MoveL Target_20,v1000,z100,Reiter_Gun_150\WObj:=wobjCNV1;
        MoveL Target_10,v1000,z100,Reiter_Gun_150\WObj:=wobjCNV1;
        MoveL Target_30,v1000,z100,Reiter_Gun_150\WObj:=wobj0;
DropWObj wobjCNV1;

Here is what happens when I run the program:

As you can see, before robot returns to Target_10, conveyor drops the object. Can anyone explain to me what I am doing wrong?

*Run this on RS6.0 and R5.61.
*Checked maximum distance in encoder unit.

Thank you for your time.
M.Bahadir Boge


  • PerSvensson
    PerSvensson Sweden ✭✭✭
    The reason is that you have a big zone in the last motion instruction. The program pointer is usally always ahead of the motion pointer. So change the zone in your last instruction to a fine instead of z100
    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering
  • Bahadir Boge
    Bahadir Boge Aksaray/TURKEY
    Thanks for the answer.
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