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Cannot start ScreenMaker in RobotStudio 6.01.01

Hello! When i try to start ScreenMaker (in Robotstudio 32-bit) i get a pop up window saying: "ScreenMaker cannot be launched. No FlexPendant SDK versions are installed. Click "Yes" to download FlexPendant SDK and Install. Robotstudio restart is required" I do as the window says, clicking Yes sends me to a ABB website where i can download a Flexpendant SDK file around 13 mb for RobotStudio 6.01.01. And i can install it without any problem. I restart Robotstudio and the computer but i get the same window again if i try to start ScreenMaker. If i try to run the SDK installfile again i can only modify or uninstall the SDK. If i try another version of the SDK the installer says that i already have a newer version of the program. I have tried it on both of my computers but wont work. Anyone with a similar problem or have solved it? /Erik