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How to make a Robot to follow an object

Hi, I need to make a robot follow an object and do a short path on them. For this to be done, the robot needs to know the coordinates of the object, reach it and execute the path while the object is moving. My first goal was to get the position of an stationary object and make the robot go to it, but I can't make the robot "read" the analog outputs as inputs. Any suggestion? Also, how I can make the robot move with the object while it executes te path? Is there any way to get many objects with the path included via source's smart components? Thanks in advance, Pedro Severin


  • Henrik Berlin
    Maybe you can use the RobotWare function "Conveyor tracking"? For accurate motion control, this is probably what you need.
    Henrik Berlin
  • Pedro Severin
    Thank you Henrik! Yes, "Conveyor Tracking" does work, but I need to apply it to a station where the objects are transient created by a source smart component. How I can apply conveyor tracking to this?