Suitable method for labview communicate with multiple Robot.

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Hi All, Currently I'm doing a project to control up to 6 robot in a production line. Intend to use labview to do the HMI and control all robot. I was used to using C# PC SDK to control robot but only for one robot. Now need some advice which method for labview to communicate with multiple robot is better way.

1. PC SDK (This the most I familiar with. And can control a lot of thing like direct modify RAPID variable, read execution status etc. But so far I only can read RAPID variable and cannot write to RAPID variable in labview.)

2. Data Socket Messaging ( This I need receive data send from PC and manipulate in RAPID code. also each data send got limit byte? And can some one advice I can read the execution status by using this method?)

3. OPC (This not familiar and anyone can share some information about this?)

4. RS232 ( Don't know this method can control multiple robot or not.)

Appreciate if some one can share the idea.