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Device info gives strange results [WebWare Server]

Hi there,

can someone give me a help on the following thing?

The following code

          iResult = objMyHelper.S4GetFileDevInfo(WAIT_ON_RESULT, lresultid)

          Debug.Print objMyHelper.DevCapacity(i)
          Debug.Print objMyHelper.DevUsedSpace(i)
          Debug.Print objMyHelper.DevList(i)

creates the following output:


Assigning the devFreespace with

          lRobDevSpace = objMyHelper.DevFreeSpace(i)

gives the a value of 3860480 equivalent to 3770 kB which is correct and corrersponds to the value shown in the system info at the robots teach pendant.

Th robot is bootet with OS 3.0 nonAW. Why does it shows these strange values for the capacity and the used space (using the flp1: gives similar results.

Thanks ahead and kind regards


  • Hello Thomas,

    I have investigated the issue that you reported and have determined that there appears to be a problem in RAP (Robot Application Protocol) that is causing incorrect values to be returned during the S4GetFileDeviceInfo method call. I will create a defect in the PDR database.


    PDD# DSE5486

    SPR# 1017798

    Russell Drown