RobotStudio event

Some possible improvements

The Find/replace-function in the RAPID-editor could definitely be improved somewhat. When text is selected before the Find/replace-window is opened, I would prefer the "Look in" parameter to automatically be set to "Selection". Likewise, when no text is selected, I don't need the "Selection"-parameter to be set just because I set it to that value the last time I used the function. Furthermore, when selecting several lines of text, the "Find what"-parameter should be set to an empty string instead of a newline. At least should all of the text in the textbox be selected, so that I won't need the delete the newline character when starting to type. Or maybe better, when selecting several lines of code, the "Find what"-parameter could be set to the last value entered in this textbox. Also, for some reason, when doing a search in the RAPID-editor, the Search Results window is not automatically shown. I have to manually select the "RAPID"-tab and then the "Search Results"-tab in order to see the actual results. Visual SafeMove can not be closed before disconnected controllers are removed. Visual SafeMove keeps complaining about motor calibration data not correct if first updated by the old SafeMove-editor. There seems also to be a bug in the SafeMove-visualizer, complaining about the same thing, although the system all together works well. More specifically, the system complains about motor calibration offset for axis 6 on a four axis robot (IRB 660). When editing I/O-signals, the column sort should not be reset every time a signal is edited. This is very annoying. Working on an older system (RobotWare 5.15), I recently experienced a very strange behaviour. The system has the multitask-option. I have declared an persistent array in two tasks, so that the data is shared between the tasks. One of the tasks is semi-static. I forgot to stop this task before I changed the size of the array in the other task. This caused a System Failure. I restarted the controller and corrected the declaration in the other task as well, but the values of the new indices in the array was just filled with random values. I restarted the controller once again, but for some very strange reason, the system decided on its own (I just requested a normal warm start) to perform a P-start, effectively deleting all RAPID-programs. Luckily I had just made a backup. Is this a known behaviour? I have never encountered anything like this with the IRC5-controller.