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Robotware 6.xx virtual controller with multiple users?

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I'd like to ask about RobotStudio 6 virtual controllers, especially when it comes to RobotWare being in “appdata” and “programdata” instead of the C:/Program Files/.../Mediapool like in RobotWare 5. The problem I’m having is that when I build a controller it links to the RobotWare in my user account: "C:\Users\aneill\AppData\Local\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\RobotWare\RobotWare_6.01.1010" So when anyone else tries to start up the system/controller, it throws errors because it can’t find the RobotWare, I strongly suspect because it is linked to my account, "aneill." Only way I can see to get around it is to make a pack and go, but we pass around stations so much that doesn’t really make sense for us. Every time you unpack the pack and go only the user that unpacks it can access that system because it re-links it to their account. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? A few ideas I’ve had: 1. Is it possible to install robotware into a different location and reference off of that? 2. Is there any way to build the system with the robotware being at a generic path like C:\Users\$USERNAME\AppData…? 3. Can we change the default robotware installation location in RobotStudio somewhere? 4. Is there any way to get robotstudio to automatically update the path when it opens a new system? We’d like to transition to RS6 soon, but we can’t until this gets figured out. Thanks in advance! -Andrew

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  • Henrik Berlin
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    This is known limitation that has not been fixed yet. I would recommend you to forward the above to your local ABB representative so that they can forward your feedback to RnD. Check at unless you already have a contact person. Kind regards, Henrik
    Henrik Berlin