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DeviceNet external control

Dear Robot Users I'm looking for more information about to use the IRC5 using device net to control different king of electric valves. I need to be able to control two air valves directly from the Flex Pendant. I've read the Application Manual DeviceNet, but there's is only info to control different kind of grippers, and the different protocols of communication to use. And here, I just have to make control signals, to open and close two air valves. Thanks for the help


  • Even the answer is kind of late, hope it will help somebody else in the future ...
    If I understood correctly you're trying to open/close 2 valves - for that you'll need to configure couple of DO's in your robot.
    If you're using RS (no matter the version) under Configuration / IO System / Signal set 2 DO (available) to toggle your valves.
    Then you have to create a small RAPID file for Valve ON and another one for Valve OFF function.
    In order to be able to toggle these valves form the FP you should then set-up two (one for each valve) of your 4 FAST KEYS (top right of the controller).
    Oh, BTW ...after setting up the signals you should reboot your system for the Robot to recognize your new configuration.

    That should do it ! :)