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Adding positioner to a already existing system



I have a system, consisting in only one robot (real system). Now, we will install a positioner and add to the system already existing. I can add without problems the positioner, when I use a virtual control. This, using the license key file extkey.kxt of the positioner that I desire to adquire fond on MediaPool and add it using the System Builder.  However, when I try to add on the real control (only in order to test on simulation mode) the "The serie number is not correct or have mismatches with the robotware serie number". So, Is the license key file extkey.kxt on MediaPool like a demo of the positioner that is only applicable to virtual use? So, only when I have the specific license key to that positioner I can begin developing my new system. Is that right?


  • Hi,

    Yes this is the case, these keys are for use with virtual controllers only.

    Until you get the 'real' key you can continue your development in your virtual copy of the real system - then take the program across to the real system when it is ready.