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problems with VS2005


Hi all,

I'm starting to build a RAP5.07 application with VS2005, cause VS2003 is not supporting in RW5.08.

I just made a new project with 2005, add the ABB reference, rebuild it and starts it with VIRC5. That's not a difficult program, i think. After the FlexPendant starts up, it is showing an error.



This is the code:

' ABB namespaces

' Compliance Tool Info

<Assembly: ABB.Robotics.Tps.Taf.TpsView(
"TpsViewIRC5App1 application", "tpu-Operator32.gif", "tpu-Operator16.gif", "TpsViewIRC5App1.dll", _
"TpsViewIRC5App1.TpsViewIRC5App1", StartPanelLocation.Left, TpsViewType.Dynamic)>
Class TpsViewIRC5App1
Inherits TpsControl
Implements ITpsViewSetup, ITpsViewActivation
Region " Windows Form Designer generated code "
Public Sub New()
'This call is required by the Windows Form Designer.
'Add any initialization after the InitializeComponent() call
End Sub
Protected Overloads Overrides Sub Dispose(ByVal disposing As Boolean)
If Not IsDisposed Then
If disposing Then
End If
End If
End Sub
'NOTE: The following procedure is required by the Windows Form Designer
'It can be modified using the Windows Form Designer.
'Do not modify it using the code editor.
Private Sub InitializeComponent()
Me.Text = "TpsViewIRC5App1"
End Sub
End Region
Region " ITpsViewSetup Members "
Sub Uninstall() Implements ITpsViewSetup.Uninstall
'TODO: Add TpsViewIRC5App1.Uninstall implementation
End Sub
Function Install(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal data As System.Object) As Boolean Implements ITpsViewSetup.Install
'TODO: Add TpsViewIRC5App1.Install implementation
Return False
End Function
End Region
Region " ITpsViewActivation Members "
Sub Deactivate() Implements ITpsViewActivation.Deactivate
'TODO: TODO: Add TpsViewIRC5App1.Deactivate implementation
End Sub
Sub Activate() Implements ITpsViewActivation.Activate
'TODO: Add TpsViewIRC5App1.Activate implementation
End Sub
End Region


What am i doing wrong? Is there also a manual how to program RAP5.07 in VS2005? For instance, GetRapidData is is not supporting in VS2005 anymore.



  • labu


    You will find that when developping with VS2005, you need to change the VCBIN directory of your virtual controllers with the content if a directory named CVBIN2. This ensures the compatibility you are looking for.


    Extract of the Readme file

    Visual Studio 2005
    If you would like support for Visual Studio 2005 you need to do the following steps to get the Virtual FlexPendant function
    1. Install VisualStudio2005
    2. Install FlexPendant SDK
    3. Install RobotWare 5.07
    4. Do a backup copy of C:Program FilesABB Industrial ITRobotics ITMediapoolRobotWare_5.07.XXXXvcbin
    5. Copy all files in the directory UtilityVCBin2 from the RobotWare CD and paste the files in
     C:Program FilesABB Industrial ITRobotics ITMediapoolRobotWare_5.07.XXXXvcbin


    have fun

  • Huyle

    Hi labu,

    Thanks for your responce, but....

    i follow the instruction to backup the vcbin directory and copy all the files from Robotware directory vcbin2 to vcbin. the flexpendant wil start with this error System.NullReferenceException now.I test it while no RAP program is stored on the system directory of the VIRC5.  We don't have to RW cd, but we download the latest RW. We are using RW5.07.01.02 build 1030. do you still have any hints?


  • labu

    As I read your mail it reminds me of an issue for which I got the answer for earlier on.

    Here it is :


    Can you please verify that VIRC5 is working if you place the *.config file in C:Program FilesABB Industrial ITRobotics ITVirtualIRC5in