Could two Robot move in turns?

    Hellow, All the RobotStudio users!                                                   I just began to use RS programming.I know in RS 3.1 two robot could n't move simultaneously,but,they could  in turns?If could,how to do? Thanks so much!image



  • edwinderry
    edwinderry United Kingdom ✭✭

    Hi Snailboy,

    You can have 2 or more robots in one station, but you can only have 1 virtual controller running at any time.

    If you have 1 robot running, then right-click on another robot you want to run, and then click on 'Start_Controller' you will get a message saying 'Only the active robot can have a controller. In order to change the active robot, RobotStudio must shut down the current controller.'

    Ig you click 'OK' the controller will shut down and the controller for the other robot will start.

    I hope this helps...


  • Hi??Ed

    Thank you for help! Now I know clear about it.