[Problem] Home Position with Offset

daguilar Irun, Spain

First of all, very sorry of my english. So, let's start. I'm simulating a IRB6700 station on the Robot Studio. I taught up all the points in the simulation tab, and simulated and everything runs OK, instead Home Pos, wich is in Wobj0. In the simulation tab, I send the robot to the Home Pos through the "trajectories and procedures" folder. Everything looks OK. Then I synchronyze the station with the offline controller to send all the paremeters and robtargets positions. I start the simulation, and the HomePos is offsetted in Z axis. This is blowing my mind, because I checked the tool, the MoveJ parameters and everything looks OK.

I give you some screenshots.

In this capture, I send manually the Robot to HomePos in the Trajectories folder with the "Show robot in this position".

In this one, is the position that reaches robot whenever I send to HomePos with the TP. And I use this command:

        MoveJ pHome,DISPLACEMENTS_SPEED,fine,ST15RSTool\WObj:=wobj0;

As you can see, the TCP is not going to the pHome position... 

Can anybody give some light above this problem?

Thanks for your time.

Un saludokind regards,

Daniel Aguilar

Automation Engineering


  • Any update?
  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I don't know why you are having that issue but I can suggest a MoveAbsJ for your home position.
    Lee Justice
  • Liam
    Liam Sweden admin
    betaGuy said:
    Any update?
    Hi betaGuy,

    If you're experiencing a similar issue that you would like support with, I would recommend to contact your local ABB Support office who will help you, contact details are available at 'https://new.abb.com/contact-centers'.