Message Box Images in PCSDK 6.01


I recently upgraded my PC application to PCSDK 6.01. It looks like the image path is no longer coming through in the UIInstructionEventArgs for the PCSDK.

When the event comes in, I cast the UIInstructionEventArgs to UIMessageBoxEventArgs. The image property comes through as blank. The image does show up on the pendant, just not in the event.

I made a quick console application with PCSDK version 5.15.2005.0 and the path does come through. Here is a screen shot of what the path looks like in 5.15 PCSDK.

I then updated the references to PCSDK 6.01, and here is the output.

Has any one else seen this? Is there another way to determine if an image is used in a message box and what the name of the image is?

Thank you for the help!


  • sehe
    I just tried the new PCSDK 6.02. The problem is fixed with that release.