IRC5 DeviceNet slave problem


I am working in a project where my task is to connect external smart RTU to the DeviceNet network which includes one IRC5 robot controller and several slave devices. Unfortunately, RTU does not support DeviceNet so I needed to order converter between it and DeviceNet network. IRC5 is master for couple of slave devices and converter should be master for some other slaves and for IRC5. With other slaves there is no problem but for some reason IRC5 and the converter cannot establish communication.

Configuration in both devices (IRC5 and converter) is fine, I have check it many times. With IRC5 I used DN_INTERNAL_SLAVE and in converters side I defined IRC5 as a slave which address is the same as the master address of IRC5. Baudrates are also defined the same.

I used CAN analyzer to check what kind of messages these devices are sending to each other but I have had hard time to interpret them. Hopefully someone here can help me to solve what causes this problem. I added the screenshot from the messages here. In this case there are only IRC5 and converter sending messages. Messages should be read from down to up. The address of IRC5 is 2 and the address of converter is 3. I managed to solve that IRC5 sends an error "Resource Unavailable". I wonder what might cause this?

I think that converter causes this problem. There have been some issues with it and unfotunately there have been very little help from the technical support of its manufacturer.

But hopefully someone here can help me to solve this problem!


  • msalminen
    msalminen Finland ✭✭


    Have you try to use DN_GENERIC as unit type? It should return some info about your unit.


  • Anon
    Anon Finland
    Hello Mika,

    Yes, I tried that already but in response I only receive an error message where is said that no communication was established with the converter.
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with dee gateway Modbus TCP/DeviceNet. The communication between IRC5 and gateway lost every 10 seconds. Did you solve this problem?