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Analog signal

edited November 2015 in Robot Controller
So I am new to ABB Robots and everything involving this brand. I purchased a IRB 120 and the compact IRC5 controller with a PC interface. It is on the way, but I have been working on trying to get some things set up before it gets here. So my question is: does the controller have the ability to send an analog signal to the controller, and have RAPID watch that signal? Basically what I am wanting to do, is have a predefined path for the robot, and I want to attach an analog potentiometer to the controller and control the velocity of the robot as it moves along the path without the assistance of the pendant or RS. So for instance 0V = 0 mm/s, and 1V could equal 50 or 100 mm/s or something along those lines.

Summing up, how can I get a analog signal to the IRC5 controller? Is there a direct analog input for this built-in to the controller, or how should I go about using a "pot" to control the speed of the robot? How does RAPID actually read signals from the controller (may be a too in depth question...)?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!