RobotStudio 4.0 is now released!

Dear RobotStudio Users,
We are proud to announce the release of RobotStudio 4.0 for S4.
New features since RobotStudio 3.2
* The geometry engine ACIS is upgraded from R14 SP4 to R16 SP1
* A new version of the 4.0 virtual controller is included. (VC VirtualController 4.0/121)
* The following robots are now supported.
- IRB6600ID/2.55-185
- IRB6650ID/2.75-170
* The IRBT4003 (90 deg. and inline) tracks are now supported.
* The IRB5300-03 (door openers) are now supported.
* The IRB4400S is now supported.
* The RTT Tracks (Marathon and Bobin) are now supported.
Please see the Release Notes for more details about this release.
The software can be downloaded from ABB SolutionsBank and from the Software Subscription Service Portal.
Best regards,
Anders Spaak
ABB Robotics


  • sturner
    sturner United Kingdom ✭✭

    Whats the chance of RobotStudio4 be available on an annual licence like RS5. I am finding that many of my customers would purchace this product if this was the case?

    Many thanks

  • Tonje
    Tonje Sweden

    Hello Sturner.

    There are no plans of changing RobotStudio for S4 (4.0) to be available for an annual license like RS5.

    Tonje Sandberg
    Service Training Coordinator
    ABB AB / Robotics Products
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