How write on the item CtlSate through OPC Server, using interlink on controller S4. I pretend control the power on the motors.
I already can monitoring the item CtlState:
0 - State Unknown
1 - Initialization
2 - Stand-by
3 - Power On
4 - Run
5 - Power Off
6 - Guard Stop
7 - Emergency Stop
8 - Guard Emergency Reset
9 - Stand-by Emergency Reset

bu i cannot write. it's possible write on this items?


José Dias



  • DavidLanhamDavidLanham United States ✭✭
    edited March 2016
    With OPC you are only able to turn on and off outputs in the controller, not inputs.  So to be able to turn the motors on you will need to create a virtual input and output and then cross connect the output to the input.  You will then need to define the input as a system input to the Motors on or Motors on and start.  So then from your OPC application you can turn on the output that is cross connected to the input which will then turn on the motors.  Hope this helps.  You will also need to check the access level on the output to make sure that its set to ALL so that you can turn it on and off. 

  • josediasjosedias Braganca
    Thank you David,
    it's exactly as you said.

    Best regards,
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